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Our call center services are customized for each client, so whether you are a small start-up business looking to leverage your resources by outsourcing your direct-response sales, a growing business expecting a seasonal call spike or expanding your product offerings, or a large business that wants to extend the capacity of your own in-house call center, we can design a partnership that is tailored to help your business achieve its goals.

Dedicated Direct-Response Sales Solutions

Setting up and operating your own call center can be very expensive and time consuming to accomplish. Not only that, once it is up and running your reward is dealing with the daily operational challenges of maintaining proper staffing during peak periods, employee training and how to handle after hours calls to name a few. The distractions that will inevitably draw your focus away from your core business can have many negative and lasting impacts to your organization. Why not make the right decision up front and hire Call Direct Partners to be your full-time sales department! If you want to make the most of your marketing investment and insure that every one of your prospects has the best chance to become a customer, click here to learn more about our quality sales solutions.

Co-Sourcing Sales Solutions

Many of our best clients have operated their own in-house call centers for many years with great effectiveness and impressive results. However, there are many situations that arise where it makes the most sense for these successful businesses to outsource a portion of their calls to a third party call center.

For many companies, reducing their own call center staff to base levels and outsourcing overflow call volume can save them hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Besides the obvious savings in direct labor costs, outsourcing your call center overflow can provide other key benefits to your bottom line.

  • Potential reduction of capital costs
  • Lower demand for physical space
  • Improved service levels to your prospects and customers
  • Reduce distractions related staffing issues
  • Reduce temporary staffing costs
  • Improve call quality and answer times during peak hours

Click here to learn more about our flexible sales solutions.

Technical Support & Customer Service

In today’s highly competitive marketplaces, taking a proactive approach to managing your customer relationships is no longer an option. After all, if you are not willing to nurture your customers’ satisfaction on a continual basis, you can rest assured that there are other companies that will. The number of product and provider choices available to consumers is constantly expanding, which means your customers are always your competitors new prospects. Click here to learn more about how Call Direct Partners can help you retain and delight your customers.

Operational Support

In addition to our sales and customer service capabilities, Call Direct Partners can also assist you with many aspects of your back-office support that will allow you to stay focused on the day-to-day responsibilities of running your business. Click here to learn more about the assortment of operational support services we offer that will benefit your business immediately.