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Many of our best clients have operated their own in-house call centers for many years with great effectiveness and impressive results. However, there are many situations that arise where it makes the most sense for these successful businesses to outsource a portion of their calls to a third party call center.

For many companies, reducing their own call center staff to base levels and outsourcing overflow call volume can save them hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Besides the obvious savings in direct labor costs, outsourcing your call center overflow can provide other key benefits to your bottom line.

co-sourcing sales solutions
  • Potential reduction of capital costs
  • Lower demand for physical space
  • Improved service levels to your prospects and customers
  • Reduce distractions related staffing issues
  • Reduce temporary staffing costs
  • Improve call quality and answer times during peak hours

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If your business already has existing contact center capabilities but you are looking for a part-time solution, Call Direct Partners can provide the extended service capability and security that your business needs to handle important contacts when you are closed, out of service or receiving call volume above your scheduled capacity. From tailored scripting of disclosures to time sensitive product promotions, when we are communicating to your prospects we are doing it within the scope of your brand and guidelines. Because we pride ourselves on doing business the way you do business, you can rest assured that we will quickly become a trusted and effective partner for your business.

After Hours

Your customers want to reach you conveniently, on their schedule, not yours. Our after hours call center services are the perfect alternative to extending your own call center service hours. We’ll provide your customers the same high quality customer experience as your in-house call center at times outside your normal business hours. Do you just need sales coverage for nights, weekends and holidays? We can do that too as we are staffed with professional sales agent’s 24/7/365 and can easily become an extension of your sales team.


Is your in-house call center call-abandoned rate spiking due to unexpected call surges or higher than normal peak call volumes? Are you expecting a substantial increase in call volume from outsized marketing events that your base team can’t cover? Perhaps you are even facing an upcoming planned staffing shortage or call center outage. No matter what circumstance your call center is facing, our team can seamlessly integrate your processes and system with ours so you never need to miss a potential sale.