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direct response sales solutions

After you have spent your valuable marketing dollars to generate new prospects, is your company putting its best foot forward when the phone rings? Are you missing phone calls? Do you have a trained sales professional speaking to your prospects that knows how to sell all of the features and benefits of your company and its products? Do you effectively upsell and cross sell additional products and profitable upgrades to your new customers? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then your marketing efforts are falling short of their full potential.

Converting prospects to customers is our business! Nine out of every ten calls that we answer every day are sales prospects that are responding to an advertisement or marketing campaign being conducted around the country by our clients. Our dedicated team of sales professionals is available 24/7/365 and ready to convert your prospects to customers every minute of everyday. Our exceptional results with converting these prospects into customers for you are not simply coincidence; our business processes have been designed to maximize sales conversion for our clients.

  • Our interaction with your prospects and customers will reflect and reinforce the value proposition of your company and your products.
  • Our goal is to adapt to your business environment and to mirror your brand personality.
  • All members of our customer acquisition team are selected for their sales aptitude and their ability to personify relationship selling. They are trained to communicate in a knowledgeable and friendly manner while selling to the close in a manner that is helpful and courteous.
  • Our sales conversion results consistently rank in the top tier for this critical metric due to our proven proficiency in cross-selling more than one of your product offerings to the same prospect.

We ensure that our relationship with our clients is fully transparent at all times. As a Call Direct Partners client you will have real time access to our cloud-based portal where you can log in and monitor the results of your campaigns, the quality of our services and even listen to our calls with your prospects. Whether you are interested in sales conversion rates, call abandonment rates or call time statistics, we understand the importance of keeping you well informed regarding the results of your marketing efforts and we strive to provide the information necessary to help you make timely, confident decisions that will lead to a better business result.

The bottom-line is that we don’t get paid unless we make a sale for you. If we are not converting your prospects to customers, not only do we not get paid, we get fired! It’s this high level of accountability that has driven our team to consistently deliver results that exceed the expectations of our clients.