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technical support and customer service

In today’s highly competitive marketplaces, taking a proactive approach to managing your customer relationships is no longer an option. After all, if you are not willing to nurture your customers’ satisfaction on a continual basis, you can rest assured that there are other companies that will. The number of product and provider choices available to consumers is constantly expanding, which means your customers are always your competitors new prospects.

Our dedicated technical support call center team provides live, 24/7 customer support to help our partners affordably and effectively manage their customer relationships. Our customer care solutions are designed to deliver a robust return on your investment because we place an emphasis on delivering a delightful experience for your customers while remaining focused on the most important aspect of the call; resolving the customers issue the first time and avoiding the need for additional calls.

Tier I Technical Support & Critical Call Dispatch

If you are providing technology related products and services to your customers, you know that the quality of call center support they receive when they have issues is just as important as the product itself. Call Direct Partners currently handles Tier 1 tech support and critical call dispatch for Internet and web support on behalf of many of Americas leading Communications Service dealers. Additionally, we are experienced with providing customer tech support on behalf of owners of large apartment complexes (MDU’s) that operate their own satellite television systems as well as regional ISP’s with significant customer bases.  In today’s high tech world, you can’t afford not to have fast and reliable call center tech support to maintain the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers.